All training programs and workshops developed and delivered by EJPCommunications are theoretically based, hands on application, and driven by educational and societal demands.

The curriculum is built in consultation with subject matter experts in the field and subsequently tailored to clients’ specific needs. The curriculum is dynamic, original, and includes new training systems based on the real world requirements of the global marketplace.

All our work is based on underlying theories, following direct application using training aids that replicate real-world conditions in the required field.

 For the Training Programs, you can pick and choose those units most specific to your training needs and objectives based on identified strengths and weaknesses as done through a Needs Analysis.

Training in industry is driven by two primary objectives; 1) deliver highly effective training that will improve performance/profitability both immediately and long-term, and 2) deliver the training to directly benefit the return on investment. Our curriculum has been built with this purpose and delivered in the timeframe that allow for assimilation of knowledge and practice for high dividends.

Currently, demand for our training curriculum is growing rapidly in formal education as schools collaborate with industry to identify and deploy effective solutions to the industrial skills shortage. The program is particularly effective in an environment where education and industry work together to address and solve the skills shortage of the 21st century worker.  The attributes and skills set needed for the future workforce are carefully studied and the competencies desired are very intricately threaded through the curriculum.

Workshops are more open to interpretation based on specific client needs. The curriculum is developed for client individually based on articulated needs.




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