About Us

Welcome to EJP Communications, we provide a number of services in Academic, Professional Training and Research services. Dr. Eleanor J. Pierre is a Teacher Educator, who teaches creatively. In her various roles as facilitator of learning she endeavors to capture the imagination of the learner. This venture has led to many interesting areas of accreditation and experience contributing to the field of higher education.

Proposed Interpersonal Program for Health Care Practitioners

Frontline healthcare workers are shouldering ever increasing responsibilities and demands on their skills and abilities. EJP Communications’ Interpersonal Program for Health Care Practitioners offers an integrated package of Soft Skills Programs for Healthcare Professionals.

EJP Communications delivers a fresh update and reinforces essential soft skills in a convenient, low cost, highly effective manner. Tailored to each individual setting, onsite – offsite – before shifts – lunch & learn – mornings – evenings, we make it work for you. We would appreciate the opportunity to show how we can enhance your goals. For enquiries, please contact our learning centre at ejpcomm@gmail.com.




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