Healthcare Educator’s Workshop


This series of workshops (4) takes an overview of the pedagogy of teaching and learning in healthcare. Workshops cover the learning environment and the conceptualization of learning outcomes, curriculum design, instructional strategies, and evaluation of learning.  Participants in these workshops will be engaged in practical experiences that integrates the theory and practice of adult education.

The Learning Environment in Healthcare

  • Attending to the emotional dimensions of teaching and learning
  • Contexts and the effects on approaches to learning
  • Planning learning spaces for psychological growth
  • Learning Environment plays a major role in improving teaching
  • Preparation for teaching others in practice

Curriculum Design

  • What are competencies?
  • Curriculum design models
  • Designing and sequencing instruction
  • Adult Learning Principles and strategies for success

Facilitation Skills

  • Teaching in ways responsive to learners’ needs, mentoring
  • Demonstration as a strategy for learning – supports in-depth learning
  • Obtaining a variety of teaching strategies makes a better educational diagnostician
  • Designing interactive strategies according to Bloom’s taxonomy

Evaluation of Learning

  • Diagnostics –   The mechanics of building diagnostic tools
  • Formative –     What, when, how of constructing appropriate grading schematics 
  • Summative –  Calculating an evaluation plan allocating percentages, scoring rubrics 
  • Confirmative – What, when, how? Building confirmative instruments