Every aspect of our business involves interaction with other employees, suppliers or customers. In order to ensure that each interaction is positive EJP Communications can provide training that can include facilitation skills, communication skills, conflict resolution and team building. We can customize our program to meet your employees’ specific needs.


Effective Leadership
Course Code LEAD0207-1

Effective leaders can develop leadership skills through knowing themselves, understanding the concept of leadership and working through effective strategies. Learn how to empower others to develop and act on their own strengths. This session introduces the philosophy, skills and techniques for effectively examining performance and development in a leadership role.

Negotiating Skills
Course Code LEAD0207-2

This course will enable you to develop and refine your skills in negotiating agreement that leads to amicable action; to get to the desired results by incorporating working relationships with those who can take goals and objectives and turn them into action.

Embracing Opportunities for Success
Course Code LEAD0207-3

Leadership is at the heart of leading change. This session will enable you to develop your understanding, skills and attitudes in assessing change readiness, establishing the appropriate environment for change, identifying a motivated team, aligning the vision, strategic plan and individual needs to bring coherence to different work situations.

Building Super-Teams
Course Code LEAD0207-4

Working together for a common goal can be the foundation for success. This session will develop your knowledge and skills in selecting, developing and leading high performance teams. Learn how to bring your team to maximum potential, work through conflict, come to consensual decision making and have connectivity while working in varied environments.

Decision Making Integrating Creativity and Innovation
Course Code LEAD0207-5

Inspiring others to develop and exercise innovation and creativity in problem-solving is essential in today’s fast-paced and complex world. Understanding why people make the decisions they do, and what drives their motivation will place you in the driver’s seat of leadership. Learn how to develop strategies that will uncover the innovation and creativity within your organization. This session will help you develop an understanding of a variety of decision-making processes and identify barriers to creativity and innovation.

Building Partnerships with Stakeholders
Course Code LEAD0207-6

Leadership involves bringing many partnerships together. How to practice effective people skills for desired outcomes involved having vision, satisfying needs, promoting values, and developing working relationships with alliances and partnerships. This session will explore the relationship-oriented attitudes and behaviours that develop partnerships among stakeholders, between individuals and with the organization.

Servant Leadership
Course Code LEAD0207-7

Servant leadership encourages collaboration, trust, vision, good communication skills, and the ethical use of power and empowerment. In this session you will develop and implement personal strategies to enrich your leadership skills. You will explore the key role of creating a vision that will shape the future of your organization. Learn how to enhance the personal growth of other employees and improve the quality and caring in your organization through a combination of teamwork and personal involvement in decision making, while engaging in ethical and caring behaviours.