Professional Training

You should be able to keep current with leadership methodologies, share ideas with those you work with, and develop your expertise in your field. Learn how to be a successful one-to-one trainer.

This workshop shows you how to teach as a one-to-one trainer, passing on your skills and knowledge to someone new to the job. You will be exposed to an in-depth look at training theory, as well as a range of simple techniques that will give you some practical tips for an effective one-to-one training session.

For those needing a full program for a Train the Trainer program we can design the basic concepts in how to design and conduct training either in a classroom or on the job. The same adult learning principles apply no matter what teaching method you use computer-based, hands-on, classroom, or video.

For those requiring training for trainers learn and practice how to design and deliver effective training.

This workshop can be brought to your organization to support your business goals. The workshop runs for either 2 or 3 days depending on needs and class size. Your trainers will learn and practice: Adult Learning Principles, Instructional Design Techniques – Needs Assessment, Developing Learning Objectives, Determining Appropriate Learning Methods and Assessing the Effectiveness of the Training.