Train the Trainer

Are you tired of relying on outside consultants or sources to conduct internal training? EJP Communications can train your staff to conduct training. This training will include the relevant adult education principles, facilitation skills and presentation skills. EJP Communications will also assist these employees in developing their abilities to create a positive learning environment and how to keep the learners engaged.


Day 1 – The Learning Environment
Course Code TRN0307-01

  • Attending to the emotional dimensions of teaching and learning
  • Contexts and the affects on approaches to learning
  • Planning learning spaces for psychological growth
  • Learning Environment plays a major role in improving teaching

Day 2 – Curriculum Design
Course Code TRN0307-02

  • Task Analysis
  • Developing learning objectives into learning outcomes
  • Planning learning for multiple audiences
  • Designing and sequencing instruction for maximum learning

Day 3 – Teaching Strategies
Course Code TRN0307-03

Research suggests what is learned depends on how it is learned

  • Teaching in ways responsive to learners’ needs (Learner-centered)
  • Learning-centered – supports in-depth learning for deep thinking and proficient performance
  • Obtaining a variety of teaching strategies makes a better educational diagnostician
  • Designing interactive strategies according to Bloom’s taxonomy

Day 4 – Evaluation – Methods, Instruments, and Practice
Course Code TRN0307-04

Utilizing the four major types of evaluation how can the teaching and learning process benefit from total evaluation- of objectives, curriculum design, teaching strategies, construction of appropriate evaluation plans and methods to use in each situation. Some scoring schematics will be explored.

  • Diagnostics
    The mechanics
    Building some instruments
  • Formative
    What, when, how
    Appropriate grading schematics
  • Summative
    Calculating a pedagogically sound evaluation plan
    Allocating percentages
    Scoring rubrics
  • Confirmative
    What, when, how?

Day 5 – Learner Engagement for Optimum Results
Course Code TRN0307-05

After covering the mechanics of good pedagogy, learners will be challenged to examine how they can now engage their audiences in more efficient and effective learning opportunities. This section will be a demonstration of learning for the client group and an opportunity for them to adjust, polish, question and augment their current slate of teaching skills in a methodical manner using a systems approach.

  • Motivation
  • Blended learning approaches
  • Collaboration for powerful shared learning
  • Systems Approach
  • Encourage learner participation in the learning process

Day 6 – Reflecting on Practice for Innovation
Course Code TRN0307-06

Becoming a Reflective Practitioner – clients will examine themselves as educators. A closer examination will be made of learner’s values, beliefs, and dispositions that impact their facilitator’s role and promote life long learning.

  • Values, Beliefs and the grounds that support reflection
  • Challenging the educator’s existing theories about the teaching/learning processes
  • Examine the notion that pedagogical decisions are based on observational abilities
  • Engaging in Cognitive puzzlement = stimulus for learning and moving to more sophisticated methods of discerning teaching and learning strategies
  • Integration of research in practice, learning to learn, internationalization of the curriculum, and lifelong learning
  • Program synthesis
  • Program Feedback, Rationalization, and Information for Future Implementation